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800 Tribal and Migrant worker families Adopted in Aarey Milk Colony

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

For our second target group of our ‘Adopt A Family’ initiative, we have adopted 800 families in Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon, in the North Eastern part of Mumbai - India. The families in this identified adoption group are Tribal and Migrant workers from Jalna, Parbhani, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and are currently zero wage earners. They will now have food for three months thanks to your adoption.

More about our Adopt a Family Platform is described here under:

A Brief

The COVID-19 pandemic that became a hunger crisis, is transforming into an unprecedented social disruption catastrophe with widespread panic. Most zero wage families have lost all source to income and will stare into the face of starvation for long after the lockdown. We need to change immediate food aid - to longer term unity. We now call on you to step forward with us for every family needing longer term food security.  It is only in unity that we will be able to overcome this crisis.

The Problem

• The COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe global socioeconomic disruption including the largest global recession since the Great Depression.

A Crisis on top of a Crisis: For many developing countries the COVID crisis has fundamentally become a hunger crisis and is quickly changing into a social disruption catastrophe.

• For Mumbai City, where millions are suffering a total loss of income, the city is staring at severe repercussions in areas human rights, food security, and civil disobedience.

• Thus far a majority of relief efforts have been providing crisis aid packages which sustain families for an average of 15 days.

• This still leaves zero wage families with uncertainty on basic food security beyond the immediate term and does little to avoid the spread of the pandemic and the panic.

Without an immediate intervention by every able citizen and family, the city faces the largest social disruption in its history.

The Solution: ADOPT A FAMILY

The Goal: Is to prevent large scale community disorder and un unprecedented hunger crisis in Mumbai.

To achieve this: We call on every able citizen family to stand forward and adopt a zero wage worker and his family for basic food security.

• We have launched this campaign as an emergency response and prepared lists of families verified by us and the BMC ward heads.

• Having already supplied over three million meals to the zero wage families in the city over the last month, we have a scalable food sourcing and logistical platform to supply food security for a longer duration.

The new platform we have established enables you to adopt the daily food security of a family for INR 6,000 for a period of 3 months.

It allows donors to adopt one or more zero wage families for 3 months for a total donation of INR 6,000 (US$ 86) per family 

Upon donation, each donor receives an email with a unique reference number and geo location of their adopted family(s) and the ones the Corporate has matched for them. 

We deliver monthly meal kits to our target adopt families, and each donor also receives a delivery confirmation. 

• Each meal kit will contain – 10 kgs wheat atta, 6 kgs rice, 4 kgs dal, 1 litre of oil, 4 soaps, masalas – chilly powder, haldi, rai, jeera, kitchen king masala – 200 gms each, tea and coffee

In the event that a family has migrated, donors will receive real time updates of this and a replacement family will be allocated to them. 

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