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FromU2Them serves as a direct bridge between you and the people facing struggles in India due to the Covid pandemic. The platform we built is easy to use, easy to scale, and designed for you to seamlessly track the impact of your donation. We work entirely pro-bono, ensuring 100% of your donation goes toward supplying meals to those in need. 



FROMU2THEM is a non-profit project of the Gaia Conservation Foundation. The project is formed together with a collective of passionate residents, committed to providing relief for their fellow citizens of India, affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Till date, we have raised over 1 million USD and have supplied over 4 million meals to people facing, and over 500,000 USD worth of medical supplies. 

FromU2Them project founded by two friends Akshat Gupta (Metro Realty) and Varun Talreja (Talreja Group), who organized their friends, colleagues, and professional networks to unite against the crisis in India. Each of our team members is a leader in their field of work - directors of non-profit foundations, finance and accounting specialists, heads of business houses, lawyers, marketing masterminds, yoga & fitness gurus, and most importantly, regular citizens like you and me, who are determined to feed those in need.


Our platform works in partnership with a powerful distribution chain of over 100 volunteers, NGOs, and Government authorities, enabling us to reach every person in every corner of the city, including all containment zones.

The team works closely with local government authorities and other non-profit organisations to create an accountable database of families that are without sustenance and lack access to aid. 






As the problem is multi-faceted and affects most localities in the city, we provide our donors with the opportunity to have location-specific impact. This means that donors can decide the areas they would like their aid to be directed to, based on the data we have collected. Our partnership with the Government bodies has ensured that we are able to access areas that no one else can get to.



We offer donor recognition to our donors through our Food Aid program and in most areas of our medical equipment donation program. We ensure that our donors are credited by the local Government with appreciation letters where appropriate, and media coverage. Most importantly we like to make it our job to let the person getting aid know who has stepped forward for them. 



Our partnership with large established NGOs such as the IAHV and other, and our collaboration on groundwork with the Government authorities guarantees that our operations are able to scale rapidly and combat the pressing needs of the crisis. Our secure supply chains ensures that we are able to meet the demand.

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